So here's my situation... : (

I just did my first timed exam (Schweser Book 1 #2AM). I got 69%, but I went over time by 30~ mins… If I stopped after 3 hrs, I would’ve gotten 55%. I got 50% on Ethics… and the last exam I got 38%! I consistently do better on the later sections (Asset Valuation & FSA) than Quant, earlier in the exam. I was planning on doing the exam in order, but now I’m thinking it might be worth it to do Quant at the end after everything else…?? I just can’t do Quant that well and I waste too much time trying to figure them out. So what’d you think about the ordering?? For those of you who’ve taken the exam before, is the Asset Valuation section inclusive of many topics, as presented in Schweser, or is it broken down into their respective sections like Equity, Fixed Income, etc. on the real exam?? I’m not sure what to do now… I’m doing soo bad on the Ethics questions… and I can’t finish the exam in 3 hrs!! AND there’s only two days left to study!! Any advice?? : (

read CFAI ethics. it is a must.

what i do is i skip whatever that looks like it requires long calculation. i think there will be a lot less of that on real exam. don’t lose hope!!

The Schweser exams took me a lot longer than the CFAI mocks – I finished the mocks in 15-45 minutes less time than the Schweser exams took. In your situation, it probably is a good idea to start with the sections that you know.

Thanks for your responses… I just finished another Schweser sample exam (#2PM) & did even WORSE! I still went over the time limit… got 67.5% but if cutoff at the 3 hr mark, would’ve been 61.7%. The worst part… I got 33% on Ethics!! OMG… I don’t know why I can’t do those questions… I completely understand the question, but I just can’t seem to choose the right answer haha… I’ve read Ethics in CFA text once… and I did that ethics sample exam on their website. Any suggestions to improve???

if it makes u feel any better, i read cfai ethics a few months ago. last week, i was scoring between 45% and 65% on ethics. i reread cfa ethics on monday. im now scoring 75% to 85%.