So how many hours have you clocked?

Ok before I get shouted down with cries of “number of study hours don’t mean sh!t, it’s about understanding the material” and “people learn at different speeds so it’s pointless”…etc etc

Just for a bit of fun, how many hours have you managed to clock up for level 2?

I have JUST passed the 400 hours mark, and have been timing and tracking myself throughout out the whole process since January.

Call me weird, but if people on Analyst Forum don’t love a good ol’ spreadsheet then who the hell does.

Anyone done an insane amount of hours? Anyone done less than 200? Any resitters broken the 1000 mark?


I haven’t timed myself but I think around 300 h. Hope it’ll be enough.

A lot.

about 250 this year and 250 last year

More than I want to admit, last year I was 350 hours and this year has been 400ish

My 300 h include the time I’ve spent in AF. Hell, I’m not going to read this topic until Sunday, it depress me.

Not more than 300, getting ~60 on mocks.

Haven’t really kept track. I started after the holidays and probably averaged about 12 hours a week from Jan-April and much more intense in May. Would imagine it’s easily over 300 hours at this point.

325h, exactly

400+ for sure and i’m still not confident for Saturday lol.

Between 400 and 500. Could be 450-500.

Of course not confident.

Around 400


450 +. definitely slowed down the last two weeks and tried to maintain knowledge & squeeze a couple extra pointshere and there. not all that confident just hoping i can get through the mps

around 400+. scored 66 on cfa mock.

Definitely around 400+ for me.

Scored ~60 CFAI mock

Guessing over 550 maybe even 600 over the last 1.5 yrs. About the same as L1, and I intend to take this one once as well. The mock scores shocked me at first they were so low. But the last couple of weeks helped fix a lot I think. The reviewing ethics now and Ii feel my mind begin to relax a little. It been a really long trek, best wishes and congratulations to all of you!

450+ assuredly