So how many practice exams there?

3 sample exams — 40*3----- $80 2 mock exams — 120*2 ----- $100 360 problems for $180 Am I right? Thanks.

Anybody want to share me the mock exams ? please feel free sadly enough, I can’t afford it.

Jeannie, go with Schweser and purchase their practice exams. It’s really worth it to have taken some tests, it doesn’t have to be CFA Institute’s tests, but it is nessesary to practice actual test-taking (the speed, the concentration needed).

I think the breakdown is as follows: 3 sample exams — 40*3----- $80 3x60=180questions 2 mock exams — 120*2 ----- $100 2x120=240questions Total of 420 questions.

I would totally recommend the BSAS practice exam. Someone recommended it to me earlier this year (she used it last year during her three levels). I guess it’s written by a team of charterholders in Boston. I got it last week and I’m impressed.

Does anyone have the answers for Schweser Practice Exam, Vol2? Can share?