So how many using 07 material

Is it me or is 90% of 2007 the same for 2008? Anyone plan to use 2007 stuff (books or videos) for 08… Or concerned that one question missed might make the difference?

I am doing the CFAI readings this time around (have already gotten through fixed income and now on alt. invest). Anyways, I plan to use Schweser '07 as supplement to review those topics that I don’t understand in the readings. Btw, to underscore the obscurity of questions they asked this year, I found an answer to a question on the 07 exam in one of the CR FOOTNOTES!!! =p

little…lulu…not taking advantage of the 50% re-taker discount with Schweser? f I had to pay full price I would use 07…BTW…my brother in law failed L3 2005…and passed 06 with old books.

G - will put the money i’d use for the notes towards schweser’s q-bank. I think I get a bigger bang for my buck that way. Btw, my employer will (did) pay for everything on the first go-round. I pay for all attempts thereafter so I’m having to pony up the dinero this time around. =s

Do you guys feel the videos change much year to year?

Ptrainer - I never used the videos. I took the NYSSA class which was pretty good but since it reviews Schweser material will be skipping that too, this year.

If cost is not an issue I would get the videos/Premium package again. Videos will probably be very similar though if you nee to watch expenses. Videos are nice for those days you don’t feel like studying, but will feel guilty if you don’t put on some time. Otherwise they are not the best use of time. For me…allocating that time to doing questions will have a higher payoff…