So, How was Dr. Kuhlman ?

I found him good. It will be interesting… :slight_smile: Ponpon

Hopefully his throat dryness will be gone by next week.

how many candidates were there in the online session? were you able to ask questions?

Upside: since the U.S. webcast is done after the London webcast, he should be more prepared, concise, and capable of covering more ground Downside: throat dryness, would it kill Schweser to buy a box of mineral water every week and put it near the desk? To almo: candidates were able to ask questions/comments, although I found the chat room function under-utilized / slightly abused (by abused I don’t mean that I didn’t find the exchanges amusing).

I think he told us that there was approximatly 500 online candidates for level 3 and a little bit more at lower level. Ponpon