So how would you treat yourself if you passed :)

Trying to get around this wait -

Lets share how each one of us are going to treat ourselves if we pass CFA level 2?

Well Ive elaborate plans :slight_smile: Take my family on a trip to a place called Wayanad and buy myself a Canon 550D SLR :slight_smile: So what about you?

ohh now that is quite a plan… Canon 550D SLR… awesome. !

For me, as of now I haven’t even thought of as to what I’ll do if I pass.

Probably, take my family out for dinner and celebrate in one of the best restaurants… !! HOPEFULLY… !!!

Same here, HOPEFULLY !!!

I will drink …

But thats true in either case wink , just the emotion will be contrary.

And yeah i own a Canon 550D … Nice gadget to have … I would suggest to buy even i you fail coz thers always a next time … smiley

I am gonna buy an angry birds T-shirt!

Ankitg88, thats what I would end up with anyway I guess - I mean will buy it irrespective of the result, may be delay it till an occassion :slight_smile:

Alladin, classic mate - angry birds t-shirt :)))

Level 3 study materials, boy I live dangerously

I am going to buy myself a brand new HP 30B! This thing can do Black-Scholes, cash flow analysis: IRR, MIRR, FMRR, NPV, NFV, NUS, Payback, Discounted Payback; depreciation, interest conversion, margin/cost of sales, break-even analysis, date calculations, Modified duration, &convexity calculations! Ohhhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


You are!

…how dare you sir

Ha, my post was a complete Joke. I never want to read another finance book again if I pass. There will be no continuing ed for this guy!

Not sure. Either way I will be at work. I imagine I will bang the desk and shout “Yes” or "Damn.” I will be worthless the rest of the day at work. My gym is close by, I told my boss I am going after I get my result as it will be the best idea….

The day I passed L3 I treated myself to some Taco Bell.

If I pass level 3 the real celebration will come Memorial Day weekend, feels like forever since I enjoyed one of those

memorial day on a beach, and NOT studying.

Keeping it simple! love that.

Keeping it simple. Love that!

For passing level 2 I bought a new TV (was gonna do it either way though and it was only $900). But I get a few grand bonus @ each level, so it didnt cost me anything in terms of my ordinary reoccuring income.

Im not sure if I’ll do anything for lvl 3, maybe a nice dinner.

The more I take these exams, the less valueable I think they are, so I dont feel they’re all that worthy of a reward.

Give my friends a treat up the Margalla Hills: buy a new laptop…