so how'd it go?

Let me be the first to tell you that you are gonna pass this. if reliably, you are sure of 68 questions, then with 10 lucky guesses (which isn’t impossible), you still be able to scale through.

Congrats in advance Prof.

There was a question on AM session where I feel they gave one information and asked us to calculate the same thing. What i mean is tht I feel they mistook one thing for the other in a 1 way formula like C=A/B, they gave informtion on A, and they shud hv asked to calculate B. Instead, they asked to calculate A. Dont know how will they treat information given. Whether they gave A or whether they gave B. Anyone felt the same?

There was a set on PM which cant be solved if you only had only Sheweser for prep. Anyone felt the same?

Other than this, I guess and hope I shud end up above 80/120

Retaker, and last year I felt like I was 50:50 of passing, but ended up in Band 6.

This year I felt like I crushed AM and had a solid PM so I’m quietly confident.

PM was much more tricky but I felt like I negotiated it pretty well.

I’m a retaker. I thought PM was definitely more difficult for me. But, in my experience, all questions are pretty fair and difficulty is really more a function of your own personally weaker areas. The afternoon hit a couple of those for me.

Haha. Last year I felt 60:40 and wound up Band 9. This year I’m feeling 90:10. Watch me fail Band 2…

what’s a rough estimation of questions between bands? i was a band 8 fail last year and am curious how many i was off by

was about to crack open a case of steve-weisers after the AM. PM wasn’t much better. Expecting a band 6-7 tops.

For those re-takers, what were you scoring on mocks last year? And now that you’re feeling better about your chances this time around, what were you scoring now?

Last year on Schweser I scored 62, 65 and 67 on mocks 1, 2, and 3. I scored 54% on the official. I scored Band 9 on the exam. This year I scored an average of 74% on Schweser and got 64% on the official. I’m feeling a lot better about this year.

I think the exam was tough, but fair. I was not nearly as prepared for this exam as I was for Level 1, and left feeling not nearly as confident in passing as Level 1. That being said, I think I crushed the AM and the PM not so much. partially due to an absolute D-BAG i got sat beside (to which I eventually asked proctor to move seats…). i’m actually gonna make a new thread and tell the story b/c i’m both still a little pissed and curious if anyone else has had anything similar…

anyway…i’d put my odds at 58/42. if someone forced me to take out $1000 and bet on either a pass and fail, i’d bet that i passed. that being said i won’t be surprised if i didn’t.

I thought the exam was very fair and the CFAI mock / EOC was inidicative of the actual exam. Although the areas that I thought should / would be tested didn’t show up in the exam, I felt like I did well and I am 95% sure I passed.

AM was definitely easier than PM for me. There were quite a few tricky sections of the exam, but if you caught them, you should be good to go.

Either way, take it easy and enjoy the summer. No need to dwell on anything at this point.

I felt the exam was fair, clearer than the mock/assessments, and more straight forward than mock/assessments. I think there’s 70-85% chance I passed, unless I horribly messed up without realizing it. In the AM I had about 13 guesses (of any kind, whether 75% sure of my guess or totally blind) with only 1 or 2 being almost random (<25% sure on it). In the PM I marked 11 under the same guessing (could have been 75% sure or 0%). There was only one question I couldn’t recall how to do, and two (so far, maybe a 3rd) I confirmed as incorrect (with about 6 confirmed correct that I wasn’t sure on initially). A few times, I wished I had studied more or practiced something before the exam. Many topics were much less intricate than I anticipated. I also had a feeling that things were way easier than they should be at times (other times were as convoluted as expected), which does make me question my overall perception of how the exam went. The only reason I feel confident is that I felt destroyed on both halves of the CFAI mock exam, yet I made a solid passing score on each half. I finished each half with 40-25 minutes left (same as the mock exam I took). Overall, it felt a little less difficult than the mock, and with a greater degree of clarity. Despite my guesses being fewer, I thought the PM was slightly more difficult than the AM. I would be surprised if I did not pass, and I will follow up regardless of my exam outcome.

I agree that some questions don’t have a clear answer in the curriculum, but I think most could be inferred from the text (although, not well enough for me to consider my answer totally correct).

If anyone is interested in this spreadsheet, feel free to add yourself. If you had a candidate number from the first spreadsheet (mocks), then use that. If not, just put something random for candidate # (maybe starting with number 60). I’d like to get a legitimate dataset (at least for the AF population) on some of the pre and post exam information.

I thought both AM and PM were of equal difficulty. Fixed income, however, f’ed me up real good both times.

AM was straightforward but PM was challenging. I don’t think I’ll pass mainly becasue of easy points I couldn’t grab. Exam overall fair just needed a lot of practice to be able to pass.

My afternoon was pitiful. I did notice from time to time that the straight answer was provided (for example, of a ratio without the requested adjustment). I tried to make educated guesses based on whether I thought the amount should increase or decrease, be positive or negative. I’m going to pay a lot more attention when taking mocks in the future to whether this is a decent guessing strategy.

Also, I only took 2-3 weeks to review the material before the Level I exam. This time around I thought I was going to be in great shape with 4-5 weeks to revise. Next time around I’m building in 2 months. I can’t do the long hours of cramming again.

I’m glad I watched the Peter Olinto vids. They helped me think through how to approach a few of the question For the most part I thought Secret Sauce sucked but flipping through it on Friday helped me snag a couple of points.

Retakers, how do you compare this exam compared to the same last year? I came across a score last year, maximum possible of which was 76 questions correct with mid range in ethics, passed the exam. Thats 63% on the exam.

Overall, the exam was fair. I also found that the AM to be easier than the PM session. I got hammered on Fixed Income.

I dont think the exam was that difficult though i didnt do really well. I think i guessed 50% of pm and dervs.

Another person who thought AM was fine but the PM was very challenging - had to make at least 20-25 guesses on the PM which I’m not too happy about…

Took me a while to settle down after getting rattled by Quant. My heart started racing like I was having a mini panic attack haha. If I have to retake the test I’ll probably take the sections out of order in terms of strengths.