so how'd it go?

I’m a retaker and i thought this year was harder than last. I thought the two sessions were relatively close with the morning being a touch harder.

I was complete opposite. Felt AM was really difficult, and breezed through PM. I guess they just asked me the right questions that I knew in PM… or maybe I wasn’t fully awake yet for AM.

Hopefully it can average out to a pass for me.

Felt PM was slightly tougher than AM…but felt good about the exam …didn’t have to guess much

First time taker after passing level 1 in Dec. Feel like i could use another 6 weeks of preparation. Didn’t think the exam is difficult if you studied well.


I thought AM was a bit harder than PM. I can’t say that I crushed either AM or PM - I had a few sections of absolute clarity, but I would be surprised if I failed.

PM wasn’t really harder…it was just more tricky with its wording…if you missed one word, you end up solving getting a different answer …and for some of them they put that incorrect answer…I’m so glad I went back to check through my work.

Some of the PM ones required you to read through the entire vigentte as well instead of just one paragraph to get the answer.

I felt the AM one was solve A and get B

The PM one made you solve A then B then C to get your answer.

The morning session also had more freebies in terms of you didn’t need to know the stuff in detail all you needed was to know the equation.

I felt it was 50/50…there were about 6 or 7 freebie ones I knew how to solve…but I just was too tired at the end…and probably made a few calculation errors.

But to all of you planning to take it next year…level 2 isn’t that much of a beast everyone is saying it is…the Material is intimidating…but if you just buckle down you’ll get it.

I did feel that the mocks from the CFAI wasted your time this year. You were better off just doing the Blue boxes and EOCS and memorizing equations from the CFAI book. Not a third party provider.

Anyways guys who cares 2 months of freedom…and I finally get to drink beer again! WOOHOOO!

I thought AM had its hard parts and PM had its hard parts… especially questions that anyone can be up in the air with… no “absolute answer” that I was aware of if you know what i mean… overall i can count the questions i think i got right and in my head it seems to be on par with being greater than what i got “for sure” wrong… i felt like it questions came from mocks we’ve been taken and a lot came from EOCs and i did well on those… honestly im 100% up in the air on ethics but if ethics went well everything else went well

I’m 50/50. Felt really good about things after AM, but PM was more difficult for me. The exam felt almost too straightforward like I was surely missing some nuance to certain problems… Anyone else feel this way?

I thought the exam was fair.

Halfway through the morning I thought I was going to pass for sure. I couldn’t believe I had been stressing.

But then I crashed and burned in the afternoon. No way was my AM performance strong enough to compensate for the PM.

So depressing. It occurred to me as I was walking out that on a couple of questions I didn’t take the square of something, or the root, or divide by x. So uncool to know you missed specific questions for silly mistakes. And, of course, CFAI is there with the wrong answers as choices waiting for us to mentally flake out.

(Side note : My assigned seat was #13. Crap.)

It was more straightforward than I expected, however that didn’t make it any easier. I’m quite jealous of the people who are confident of a pass. Feel like it could absolutely go either way for me.

I felt that way for AM except for portfolio management and not that way for like 3 sections on PM

I got stumped on a few questions, but overall, I feel A LOT better coming out of Level II than I did for Level I.

The whole time I kept thinking, “It can’t be this easy, can it?”

I’ve heard so many horror stories about Level II, and I just kept waiting to run into a wall. But I think I just got really lucky in that everything I was well prepared for appeared on the exam.

Either that, or I just fell into every single trap set by the exam writers. Time will tell.

Not easier than the mocks. This test had its straight forward parts and difficulty parts. Quite a bit of guessing, and quant left me wondering if i had even studied the subject. There s no way i passed. Will take it again next summer. Anyone who gets > 70 on all subjects deserves a steak dinner…

PM was much harder for me. It is also entirely possible I finish with <50% on Ethics and that makes me mad knowing that I may not pass due to the nuances of the questions. I literally have looked online and in the text to try and answer some of the Ethics questions that were open-ended for me and I still can’t find an answer…

Hope these great expectations of a sure pass won’t push up the minimum passing score? Hmmmmm!

I felt AM was easy. PM I guessed on more than I should. Overall I thought I edged out a pass.

I did the math and feel like I likely got band 6-10.

Breaking it down in parts, the first 30 questions in the AM I felt like I got 25/30. There were only a few I was even questionable on. Then second half of AM was much more difficult for me for whatever reason, so I reasonably am estimating 18/30 there. PM was really tough for me. It was very frustrating to know the concept, know the question, but some how messing up on the find A --> get B --> additional step to —> C and the correct answer being the C computation. So to know the steps, do them (perceptibly) correctly, and them not arrive at an answer provided was disappointing. It’s worse in a sesne than just straight having no idea.

I think realistically I may have only got 25 out of 60 if you assume all guesses were wrong.

That leaves me with 68/120 or a 56% which is my low end estimate. There is a chance I suppose I am a lucky guesser or something and squeek by but its disappointing either way bc I dont want to say “gee whiz I passed the test by the skin of my teeth from guessing” I’d rather say “I passed the exam because of a commanding mastery of the material”.

Also, there were certain areas I made sure to master, others I kind of went with a “the concept will suffice” route. Due to obviously predictable Murphy’s Law, the areas I mastered seemed underweighted, and the “concept will suffice” areas (which I was weaker in simply due to less focus) were more heavily weighted.

Fair exam but struggled with my time management in the AM. By contrast I had swaths of time left by the time I was mid-way through the PM question count. Had far more instances where I knew the answer cold than clueless moments. I think I handled it well but wouldn’t dare venturing that I passed.

I probably shouldn’t have used the word ‘easy’. I just walked into the test like a lamb being led to slaughter.

I put my chances of passing at ~73%.