So I want to be a US Congressman....

or at least be involved in national politics, be part of the discussion. Where do I start? Local political parties? Give money? Go to law school? Move to DC? Commit a crime?

First step would be to delete your brower history.

^ Too late, NSA got that on lock, together with your nudie pics.

Or more importantly, forum history. As the new generations run for office, I imagine the linking of usernames with candidates will become a cottage industry. Almost anyone can be outed using the mosaic theory.

Be born rich.

Clearly for starters you need to make sure your politics are in line with your constituents – can’t be a latte drinking liberal in west Texas. Then you need to hope you’re not in a district with a multi-year entrenched rep, they’re not impossible to beat but you’ll need to pull off some crazy Eric Cantor upset which hardly ever happens. Your best bet is to run to the right or left of an existing not too popular or known representative and beat him in the primary, after that it’s smooth sailing in the general due to gerrymandering. It also helps if your well know (clearly), think local store owner/business man/etc.

you need to make up a story how you overcame long odds.

Know of any charterholders that hold national office or have held national office?

This guy is running for congressman in south Florida.

He is seventy and just got his J.D. this year. Doesn’t mention that or his CFA membership in his bio. For some reason, he does mention his M.B.A. from Harvard.


Community Organizer :smiley:

Community Organizer is a great stepping stone. Friend of mine did that before elected office.

Community Organizer > CFA

Tell him he’s a shitty president.

I hear the FRM can be used to move to the political world out of the back office.


Unless you have an insane amount of money or instant name recognition, you have to endear yourself to the state and local leaders of whichever party you are affiliated with. The best way to do that is to attend big dollar fundraisers and make sure you talk to the right people. Eventually, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can raise money not just for yourself, but also for the party as a whole. There is generally a fairly long line of people who have “paid their dues”, so you need an edge to jump that line. Having a ton of money is one way, another is to offer yourself up as a sacrificial lamb in a district your party has no chance of winning, which may or may not require you to move depending on the laws of your state. Most of the people waiting ahead of you won’t be willing to get slaughtered, but it will earn you brownie points with the party leaders and it will also provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your fundraising ability.

Like Wendy Davis (Democratic nominee for Texas governor)

To hear Wendy Davis tell her personal story – “an absent father, a sixth-grade educated mother, a teen pregnancy, followed by life as a single mom in a mobile home, then community college and, at last, Harvard Law School.” What a fine woman! A coal-miner’s daughter who pulled herself up by her own bootstraps to the finest law school in the country! All while raising two young girls!

The truth – She got married at 18, had a kid at 19, divorced her husband at 21. A couple of years later, she’s working at her dad’s restaurant when she got friendly with one of daddy’s patrons, a lawyer and city councilman, 14 years her senior.

Within just a few years, she’s married to the lawyer and going to TCU (on hubby’s dime). And after she graduates from TCU, she goes to Harvard Law and leaves her kids behind in Fort Worth. Then she moves back to Fort Worth, becomes a successful lawyer and politician, and divorces her husband the day after she made her last student loan payment.

So it sounds like she can rely on your vote then? :slight_smile:

i juss heard the guys bio. bsd.

Any idea how often the congressional candidate that raises the most money wins?