So I went to some white party

I’m with some date that is grinding like the universe depends on it. I was cool with it for like an hour but chick is like energizer bunny. I give up. I accidentally left my apt key in her place. She’s hot but older. Fml. Here I am.

Like I’m trapped in some club … DJ is awful

Fml for real I need that key

looks like that play backfired

Keep it up… Just a little longer… You’re… Almost… There…

nah brah, it was some p diddy style white only dress code

anndddd woke up in her bed. fack. ok. she’s super skinny blonde and has DD (fake though) so somewhat meets criteria?

fake doesn’t count

freckles? Not that hot without the big tits

Get serious, ACE. If you’re truly living this ultra-glam lifestyle, why come on here and waste time reporting to us? Either I call bull$hit, or, if it’s real, put down the keyboard, for Pete’s sake, and start sarging mo’ hos, bro.

Maybe he gets more satisfaction being the guy with the nicest house in a moderately nice neighborhood rather than being a guy with an averagely nice house in a really nice neighborhood.

Whats your opinion on the subject?

If it’s tangible it’s real. Fake Tatas is tatas. Plus I got pics? Post or is that bannable?

My opinion is that all longing and desire cause suffering and hold you down in the mud that is this world and keep you from attaining the dharma, and that only by breaking the chains of desire can we end our suffering and embrace true peace and happiness and harmony and love. What’s your opinion on the subject?



Pics or it didn’t happen. So post.