So if you need perfect, I'm not built for you. Thoughts on morningstar?

specifically the screener, stock research reports, historical financial statements. Just curious to see if the 10 bucks a month is worth it. im obvi not following their recommendations. but i want to see if they are good at taking nice stats from the 10-k with their “moat analysis” etc etc.

free access through the library

cool but is it worth it?

$10/month is peanuts on your salary, right?

Lol. I have access to practically everything. Bloomberg, factset, capiq, s&p. I’m asking for a friend who wants to learn how to analyze companies. He’s a recent grad.

Does your capiq work really slow? Impossible to do research everything takes so god damn loooong.

Use MS for their mutual fund research, which is decent and really helps with screening the universe of funds.

are you referring when looking at financials. its not bad. i like how it links you to 10k though.