So... is Asia leading or trailing

OK, so Asia is getting smashed right now. What do people think… 1) It’s crashing because things look crappy in the US. 2) The US is going to tank tomorrow because it’s crashing. Note: It’s a cop-out to say “both” and not say whether 1) or 2) dominates. There is a third option, I suppose: 3) The markets are decoupled and this is all just coincidence.

It trails during the week. It leads on Mondays as the Asian markets are the first ones to open after the weekend.

They do lead on Mondays but I think the trailing market is the one to trade after a significant event has happened in the market prior. So right now we are trailing Asia, but they were trailing us earlier.

They are leading. Dow held about 10k for a long, long time even while markets in Asia plummeted.

They had some serious failures, life insurance company, and a REIT just went bankrupt. The cycle is getting more vicious. It’s like a vortex.

man its bleak , even though gold has jumped to USD$914 my gold mining investments are still being hammered…