So let me get this straight...

the Schwesier Vol. 1 exams are considered easy…?

I think so. I found the mock exam more difficult…

I sure hope not.

What about volume 2? I find these questions difficult enough… i was actually hoping the real exam would be easier!

V2 & V1 are about the same difficulty.

Its funny because I think that the answer will differ depending on who you ask. I actually think the mock exam questions were a lot easier than even Schweser volume 1 (with a few exceptions of course). Which type of question you prefer probably depends on the way that you have learned the material. If you are better at memorizing and have based your learning on memorizing equations and lists then the schweser exams will probably be easier. If, on the other hand, memorization is not your strong suit and you need to understand the material and how it fits into the big picture to get a good handle on it, then the CFAI sample and mock exams will probably be a little easier. I hope this helps.

Mock exams were a lot easier than Schweser V1.

There is ABSOLUTELY no consensus on this. Personally, I’ve scored 76 on 3 of the 4 book 6 exams i’ve taken… and got a 76 on the CFA mock sample as well. I found the cfa to be more focused on concepts rather than calculations. I also found CFA ethics to be much clearer than schweser (I can’t overstate how AWFUL schweser is at writing ethics questions… somebody get that monkey away from the type-writer!)