So Long, feels good to be here

Not sure why i opened a thread, just feels really good to finally belong to this section. :slight_smile:

Tonight - I parteeeeee!

^ the only party you might be going to is a LARP party.


now go away! We are all still stressing here with 14 days to go. indecision

The 14 days look so far away. No thanks to the newbies.

I know, right !!!

Yeah all of the happy L2 passers are making this wait harder, not that I can blame them.

Hang in there guys - your party will be so much sweeter hen you get that email - never again will you need to take a CFAI test :slight_smile:

well done bloodline!!!

good luck level III people. You have my respect and admiration.

^ Thank you!

Congratulations on your results :slight_smile:

Thanks sooraj sir