So Many Errors in Schweser Exams...

Seriously, I just had a look at some of errata and it bumped my exam scores up a few pecrcentage points each time. Oh and now I finally can see why a 2% max loss ISN’T AN AVG RISK TOLERANCE and is actually below as I suspected. It screwed me up hardcore next time when the figure was 10% and they said below… Bottom line I think is do your own thing and not worry too much about a Schweser practice exam score. Either way, I actually feel a little more comfortable about the exam, so I guess I’m susceptible to the traps. A 67 is better than a 65, and a 62 is MUCH better than a 58 in my book!!!

schweser sucks. Thanks. Moving on

dont forget to adjust your scores for reading 35 LOS a …there 2 Q’s frm this LOS on Vol 1 exam 2 pm

these are two good ones to know: Exam 2PM answer key Page: 243 - Correction The correct answer for Question 18.3 on exam 2PM is A, not D as it says on the answer key. Posted: 2008-04-14 Exam 3PM answer key Page: 277 - Correction The correct answer for question 18.1 is D, not C as it says in the answer key. Posted: 2008-04-18

ANother error: exam 1, volume 2: the butterfly spread question I believe is wrong: the answer should be 15.9 because the written calls should each have to pay $2. The banking question with the farmers: I can’t believe the answer doesn’t mention the drought as a unique circumstance. There loan portfolio is concentrated to farmers. If there is a drought, the farmers are screwed and won’t be able to make loan payments. To adjust for this the bank would need to increase their allowance for loan loss reserves. This would require liquidity and the securities portfolio is made up of junk bonds… thus the bank is in a real pickle.