So modeling skills is not a requirement some people say

So modeling skills is not a requirement for entry level analyst some people say. They say it is something that you will learn in the job training and with the team you will work with

it is a requirement, but something you can and will learn on the job. was there a question?

are you modeling for Kmart?


ssdnola, as far as I know analysts do all the modeling and researach. Modeling is not that difficult, you can learn it fast if you know the basics.

I think people here get too stuck on the functional and number part of modeling and dont think enough about needing to know what the inputs mean and what the outputs tell you. It is like seeing people in certain industries with years of experiences (or founders) that know a good deal when they see one, without needing a model…only opposite.

I talked to a Sr. equity research analyst today from a small but growing IB in midtown and the first thing he said was to convey extensive modeling experience and skill to potential recruiters.