so over it

just punched a hole in one of the pages of Book 6 with my pen and threw the book across the room I’m redoing one of the exams and I’m doing worse than 4 weeks ago I am just so sick of this stuff, I can’t bear to do another mock, sample or whatever I wish the exam was tomorrow just so it could be over

Take the rest of the day/night off and go get a full night’s sleep or just nap. Take a warm shower and eat good meal. These things will clear your mind and will only take ~12 hours. After that, you’ll have more mental/emotional reserves to push for the last three or four days. Just a bit more!

Worse? Going from 97 to 95% also falls in that category. So if you are in that range I wouldn’t despair. :slight_smile: Anyway, take a break. There is plenty of time left.

very good points guys