so stressful

i kind of feel like level II is impossible to clear given the sheer amount of volume…does everyone who passed felt the same way? :frowning:

Agreed, this test is VERY stressful & for some reason, even though I know L2 is harder, I just am less focused/driven/motivated than I was at L1 = recipe for disaster!

i hope this could be like a college kind of exam instead of something you have to do IN ADDITION to WORK.


like i am constantly thinking of the exam while i cant do much while being stuck at work…

mental torture…

my stress levels have definitely increased in the last couple of weeks as I realize how much I still need to do and how much I never understood on first pass. At least if I understood it I could start cramming it, but I don’t even get it.

It’s put me in a really bad mood at home too. Really small stuff is putting me in a bad mood and making my stress levels rise. All I want to do is study and life just seems to be getting in the way all the time.

Now i am eeling little ok when i am revising. Earlier when doing readings it was stressful

Hope luck is on my sid eon june 1 and i can tame the monster

totally agree with clevercfa. any little thing happening in my house can make me feel terrible, especially when i am studying and trying to understand something. I havent logged into the forum for a while and i could see that there re only 74 days left…

If L1 is doing this to you, wait until L2… you’ll be crying

FYI: This is the LII forum

That’s provided me with a bit of much needed comic relief from this material. Thanks.

Looks like our sense of homours have taken a nosedive as well due to the material.

Do any of you try to compensate for the afterhours of studying by limiting your workflow at work? In other words, slack at work to save energy to study at night.

On top of demanding job, my stress level shot up, migraines and all. Now feeling so burnt out that i havent finished first chapter in fixed income since i started 10 days ago. And fixed income supposed to be my most familiar subject. Dreading derivatives and pm. I really really need to motivate myslf

Yup. Not proud of it, but yes.

It’s not a conscious decision: I am just not a 100% in terms of focus and drive. I find it really hard to be energized at work (the NYC winter slush is probably not helping), although on certain days I come up with exciting new projects in order to postpone study time… I read a piece a while ago about ways to use competing procrastination tendencies in order to increase productivity — story of my life. Work as a study procrastination technique & studies as a work procrastination technique.

As long as we get one done it’s not all bad I guess… You’re not alone, whatsyourgovt.

Better buckle up on June 3rd to get ready for our performance reviews!

This NYC weather is certainly putting a drag on my energy levels (It’s supposed to be Spring tomorrow?!).

The one thing that is keeping me sane is the fact that I will actually have a summer. That is the light in my tunnel.

Ah, summer…

Between Level 1 in Dec and now Level 2, this is beginning to feel like the longest winter of my life!

huh. look at that. this is L2 forums. all I did was glance at the “user status” and a bunch of people still had L1 candidate to their user name. I didn’t notice this was L2

well then, my comment would be: suffering? you’re in the right place at L2