so technically we can arrive at the test center at 8:45am

correct? no scratch paper allowed…so I assume the exam book itself has plenty empty space for us to scrabble? what’s the rules for going to bathroom? Not allowed ? im paranoid about caluclator battery. it’s almost new…I replaced it a month ago and havn’et used it a lot. I do not need to get a spare one right? driver license is OK ID right? (cfa says it prefers passport)

  1. Driver License is ok. 2. Restroom & water are there in examination hall, which can be used anytime you want. 3. You won’t need calculator much but still take a battery. Better safe than sorry. 4. There is enough space to write on exam booklet.

thank you goel_ar!

Buy a second one. Do you really want to spend valuable test time changing a calculator battery?