So, this is a "salad"?

"One salad, dressing and bread included: 1,070 calories, 71g fat, 1,770mg sodium."

(Long Weight Watchers)

smothered in bacon and cheese and with a mayo based dressing. Awful

I am putting flaxseed on my salads instead of olive oil these days (if I use any oil at all)


i see a bunch of these guys eating salad all the time…its funny…salad is good for you though, but i normally eat it on the side of a meal…

That thing is a beast. I’m generally a fan of high calorie things, but that looks gross.

I have to laugh at the segment of fat folks who “only eat salads” and can’t understand why they don’t lose weight. Of course in addition to salads like this one, they throw down a Java Chip Frappuccino (because they only drink coffee, not soda) and some bread sticks.

I think there should be some general guidelines for what constitutes a “salad”. If the meal is 90% cheese and fried tacos and 10% lettuce, it seems like it should just be called “big fucking bowl of fried cheese and tacos, with some veggies”. Calling this a “salad” is a disservice both to people who want a salad, and to people who want a big bowl of cheesy tacos. What if I want the cheesy tacos but all that’s on the menu is this salad thing? How would I know what to order? What then, Quiznos??

Last summer I was going to Whole Foods and making a $10 salad daily (7.99 lb) so about 1.25 lbs.

The base would be organic spinach and all of the veggies with either chix or tuna but I did load it up with blue cheese and and plenty of dressing.

Calories in calories out.

If you want to try a tasty combo mix tuna, spinach, dried cranberries, and blue cheese dressing. Five stars right there.

I may not be the healthiest eater out there but I would still take that salad any day over other popular forms of “junk food” (i.e.g twinkies, fried chicken, hamburgers, etc.)

One of my favorite salads is the Trader Joe’s spinach and bacon salad… has over 100% of your RDA of Fats but still only less than 700 calories.