So....this is a thing

I introduce to you… the toilet shower

the toilet shower cubicle

I dunno about you but I don’t like feeling wet while taking a dump on the toilet.

there’s nothing worse that the urge to go number 2 after starting a shower…this solves that problem. I like it

If I wanted that, I’d just lean over my bidet.


Is the assumption here that you will wash your whole body after doing #2?

i’m just imagining the rising tide within the bowl whilst delivering a water birth. I guess it forces a few extra courtesy flushes. Knocking out all of the three S’s at once seems efficient.

A drain in the floor would help. Not all the water is gonna end up in the terlet… surprise

I do feel bad for you NYCers. This is what’s it come to. Space is so expensive you have to combine your showering and crapping.

How is kr going to wash her 8 cats in that space?

In terms of space and function, it’s pretty inefficient actually to have sink, shower and toilet, all draining away. There should just be one multi purpose hole in the floor of the bathroom where you wash everything down. Have a shower head hovering on top, and when you need to take a crp, just squat over the hole. You can dump water from the shower to flush it. It would be much easier to clean also, since you can just hose down the whole room. Furthermore, this configuration would encourage multifunction bathroom visits, thus saving the user time - the only resource that money cannot buy. It’s just progress - it should be in Star Trek, to be honest, where they never show the bathrooms.

so if the stream hits inside the bowl you get a nice splash of toilet water all around? What if you get up but haven’t flushed yet? terrrible.

Who flushes while still sitting? You have to get up to admire your work first.

I think they’re going for the poor man’s version of this

Image result for open shower

I think it’s for when the bidet is just not good enough…

This is completely useless to CFAvMBA who just poops in the shower. #FreeCFAvMBA

What about washing a load while you drop a load?

^ Wait, the toilet isn’t for washing clothes?

^No, only mopping the floors.


I guess he is a waffle stomper.

It’s very wrong how funny I found this thread

Why does the number of cats keep growing so fast??

The space issue is real! I have one square piece of countertop in the kitchen.

On the topic. I could easily create that in my bathroom buy simply pointing the shower head to the toilet let. But why on earth??