So tired of reviewing

What the heck should I do today? I dont feel like doing anything.

Today is the last day I will browse my books.

Bigwilly, You do not need to review anymore. You are the star on this board and I have no doubt that you will pass this test!!

No I need to review, I must I must I must. There are things I dont know, like advantages/disadvantages and alll that lame crap. I think I’m gonna try to do the 2005 IPS questions and then just look over old questions, and maybe flip through Stalla books to see if I can pick up any last tidbits. Who the heck knows. If I fail this damn thing I will be pissed.

i’m going to redo the 2007 exam just for kicks and that’s it today. tomorrow’s indianna jones and loud music all day. my neighbours and gonna kill me. but i don’t care.

maybe i’ll get my haircut today for a break, i have a mop on my head right now…

get a massage, if you are in NYC so many great places $50/hr.

Yeah but aren’t those places the ones you see getting busted on Dateline for offering “happy ending” :slight_smile:

Haha…B Will don’t leave this board…ever:) You’re among one of the most depenedent posters for answers along with CSK!

No the happy ending places arnt anywhere near that cheap.