So today in Trumpworld

He want to start a state run news agency to rival CNN. Also, when asked about the GM layoffs, he apparently told the CEO he’s “not happy” and that they “better put something else in there” in reference to the Chevy Cruze.

Isn’t NPR a state run news agency?

Not really.

I’d watch his news agency, always looking for a source of unbiased, real news.

Huh, kinda surprising to me. Makes the criticism about its costs even more outlandish then.

Or, looking at it from the other side, it makes their whining about federal funding even more outlandish. Like when people were saying republicans wanted to kill Big Bird and Sesame Street was like, “uh, we sell enough merchandise to be completely self-funding and then some.”

Fair enough – I think the takeaway is that avenues exist for bolstering state news agency, although they aren’t necessary. The issue is more of an ideological debate than anything else.

I guess I personally would support more funding, although I can respect the arguments against it.

The transcript of WSJ’s Bob Davis’s and Trump’s convo is absolute fire. Trump appears to mix up tariffs and interest rates…among other things. Read the transcript at work and tried not to piss my pants. Luckily I had a 2nd pair with me.

When you have Kudlow I think the bar is set low enough that an economics degree would make you the smartest guy in the room. Well, only behind Trumps gut.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an Econ degree, and she sets the bar pretty low.

i think you people are confusing business with economics. they counter each other. an economist would want perfect competition to maximize utility and minimize profit. a businessman on the other hand will want to maximize profit.

  1. That’s a lame insult considering Trump said he trusts his gut on climate change vs. 99% of scientists. Or that Trump can’t form a coherent sentence.

  2. Even if I ignore your hypocrisy, what are you referring to? BU is a good school, she’s clearly intelligent. Her daddy didn’t buy her way into Wharton

Obama Blasts Trump’s Use Of Tear Gas On Foreigners: 'Frankly, I Would Have Used A Drone Strike’

November 28th, 2018

It’s kinda funny that you bring up drone strikes. Donald ‘Art of the Deal’ Trump is spending more money on Drone missiles. He’s committing more strikes than Obama.

Nice try Poopenhauer. Hellfire “drone” missiles are a universal missile, they go on virtually anything, air, ground or sea launched so a ramp up in purchasing means literally nothing, especially since we have a thing called inventories. Beyond that you have a bunch of other great hits like comparing the first two years of each president’s term instead of the most recent last two of Obama’s to these two and then limiting the list of cherrypicked countries to Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia instead of totals while also admitting flawed data.

Then there’s this from your own article basically admitting as much:

"Chris Woods of Airwars, a leading drone-tracking organization, considers those “undeclared” battlefields to be outliers. The real epicenter of contemporary drone strikes during both the end of the Obama era and the dawn of the Trump era is the acknowledged battlefields of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan…

…“Overall, the U.S. is capable only of a finite number of drone strikes a year, and I’ve seen no evidence of an overall increase under Trump—only regional variations in strike numbers year on year, as Washington pursues its conflict and counterterrorism goals,” Woods said.

Woods pointed to an astonishingly high, if largely ignored, concentration of drone strikes at the end of Obama’s tenure during a months-long campaign to wrest Sirte, in Libya, from the so-called Islamic State. An Air Force press release last year gave a rare quantification for drone strikes: about 60 percent of the 495 total airstrikes during the campaign, or roughly 297, vastly more than have ever been on offer in Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia. At the eleventh hour of his administration, in a little-noticed December 2016 document, Obama elevated Libya to a full-fledged war, more like Iraq or Afghanistan, rather than holding Libya to his own 2013-era drone-strike restrictions."

Cool, so we agree that Obama and Trump both use drone strikes that are undocumented and non-transparent. I have no desire to defend Obama, just to point out your hypocrisy. I don’t want to get into a discussion with a child that calls me ‘Poopenhauer’

Lol you already did, I didn’t want to get dragged into a discussion with fake news NPC’s, yet here we are Poops.

We agree both use drone strikes, what makes a drone strike more non-transparent than a typical airstrike or use of special forces? Lol, you know where those F18 bombs went? Obama remains the king of the drone strike / shadow wars / mass deportations no matter how you want to frame it.

^^You should. Arguing with BS is a time-honored tradition.

Thanks STL, I really do my best around here feels good to get some recognition.

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