So we have a voting system now...

I’m I supposed to be able to see my comment’s votes, because I don’t.

Are posts hidden at a certain point? Anything else we should know?

This should be interesting.

yes, interesting.

Yayywork’s posts from 2017 have two down votes. It is likely somebody with multiple accounts blowing him up, because who is voting on stuff from 2017 otherwise.

I can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s too bad how many more downvotes there are compared to upvotes. When the top three most downvoted people have a combined ~1,200 negative points compared to the top three most upvoted people with ~80 total points, it’s just sad.

We should make it that once you receive a thousand downvotes in a single calendar year you’re barred from posting threads/comments. This way, turd would be forced to take his autism to different websites.

And or, once you upvote/downvote someone there has to be a cooldown time that passes before you may up/downvote that same poster.

^It seems to be normalizing. I’d still like to see more upvotes for quality comments, but I feel like we’re heading int he right direction.

Can we change the threshold to hide comments back to -5? At least in the WC, Investments, and Careers. Getting to -10 is pretty tough.