So, what are y'all wearing tomorrow?

I’m usually in shorts and a t-shirt but I will never forget the dude at level 1 who wore a suit.

haircut today (been 3 months since my last one) + shaving first time in 9 days … dress shirt + jeans + black shoes --> going out tomorrow night gotta be classy

suit is overkill but typically dress to impress

shorts, sweatshirt, sneakers

LOL a suit! I will be wearing a sweater with jeans and a baseball cap to shield my surroundings so I can focus. I might even go full sweatsuit and wear sweat pants. although I’d probably be too hot.

I’m going to be wearing this sweet shirt that says “SAMURAI” on it jkjk … I’ll have sweats also a tshirt and shorts depending on the weather in there, so I can be adaptable.

I feel like there’s ALWAYS someone that wears a suit, or something else ridiculous for a test.

double post

Have you worn a hat before? They always made us turn ours around so the brim became useless.


Something close to this!

Will be in jeans, a tshirt, and a light zip up hoodie. Same thing I’ve taken every standardized test in for the last 5 or 6 years. Can you wear a hood/hat? The CFA has absolutely no dress code policy to speak of listed on the site, but I tried to put my hood on in level 1 to block out everything around me and because it helps me focus and a proctor made me take it off. I even asked about it between the morning and afternoon and they told me that they weren’t told they were banned, but they didn’t feel like they could let me wear it.

i remember when i took L1, an large chick had her thong stickin out and the proctor had to eventually tell her to fix that.

awkard square.

last year I was asked to put my cap on the floor. I think depends on the site, proctor, etc

Some dude refused to take off his sunglasses.

ill probably wear are suit over another suit to feel twice as confident.

Wore Aa hat last year, no one said anything

Wearing the same t-shirt and jeans that I passed 1 and 2 with. The Domo-kun w/ nerd glasses on my shirt has guided me through many a tough question in previous exams. Together we will eat the exam.

I feel more confident when I’m dressed a little nicer, so I usually wear something business casual. Although sometimes I ruin it with a hooded sweatshirt and comfortable shoes, but still…

a mini skirt and tank top. but also a warm sweater.

im dressing up as a hot chick