So, what color suit are you wearing on saturday?

I’m thinking charcoal… subtle but sophisticated

Double-breasted navy with a nice chalk stripe, and peaked lapels.

pink jacket and mini-skirt :smiley:

cut off and sweats…maybe some slippers. I hope my dress doesn’t jeopardize the integrity of the CFAI :wink:

jeans, boots, tee, sweater in case it gets cold

Dress good you feel good, feel good you perform good, perform good and they pay good. – Barry Saunders

I always wore jeans and my college sweatshirt. They wouldn’t let me wear my favorite hat during the exam.

Andreea_Mn, I hope you’re not going to be in my test centre, your outfit could be a major distraction - save that for the afterparty!

mbolzicco Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dress good you feel good, feel good you perform > good, perform good and they pay good. – Barry > Saunders Deion Sanders man. Come on!

Dress shirt. Black socks. No pants. Best look in the world.

dark blue light dress with an umbrella and hope… cuz there is a cyclone forecasted to strike the city on sat evening…lets hope it goes appropriate

@ moltovivo - I sit for the exam in Tokyo, & I was kidding about pink, but not about the mini-skirt : awfully humid here this time of year. I assumed the first two guys were kidding about the suits as well… @beatthecfa: was it the hat, or are hats not allowed at all? what does your fav hat look like btw? :slight_smile:

Hats aren’t allowed at all. It was a dark blue visor that I’d wear upside down, back side front to keep my hair out of my face. Wow I used to be pretty cool (I thought) and unbald (relatively) @Andreea: Read some Alt Inv. rather than spend your time here

@beatthecfa Thanks, I needed the advice. I’ll print out the ‘How the F did I screw that up’ thread, log off and study. That sounds like a cool hat, too bad you did not get to show it off during the exam :slight_smile:

I totally agree with Matt. Shower, shampoo, shave and look sharp tomorrow. However, I’ll pass on the suit. Jeans and a t-shirt it shall be.

Never understood wearing the suit to the exam, but it happens.

I’m wearing navy and orange - my lucky Bears jersey (#30 Mike Brown) I’ve worn it to every exam in my undergrad and it’s gotten me a 3.9 gpa so far. I just hope the CFA will buckle under its pressure! Monsters of the Midway, don’t fail me now!!

Bejeweled Jean jacket

my lucky shirt probably, it litterally says lucky shirt

seran wrap