So what did you guys think about the test?

Easy, hard? i thought it was pretty in line with the mocks and prior year essays. nothing too crazy thank goodness.

I can think of a few sections in the AM that had some really interesting twists that I hadn’t seen in the prior 10 years. Definitely tripped me up. Hoping I put enough down to at least grab some partial credit.

Overall it was fair though.

Tripped up on the first question, I spent too much time on it and it bogged me down the road. Around 30 minutes to go I had 3 questions left and panicked - jumped to solve the low hanging fruit and jumped back again. I ended up half assing the last 3 explainations because of the time constraint. Very demoralized after AM. PM is where I shined though. I hope my PM performance makes up for my AM, but I don’t know. Really upset.

I thought the PM was significantly easier than the AM (that said, I wonder what tricks I missed on the PM portion). For what it’s worth, a couple of people around me openly vocalized the fact they did not finish the AM. Also heard a lot of groans about the first question (which I agree took a unique twist away from the mocks).

There were a couple of questions in the AM that I thought were worded very poorly… I don’t want to name questions, but I think it’s fair to say that there were 2-3 questions in the AM where getting inside the institute’s head seemed really important to figuring out what kind of answer they were expecting.

I hope the effort was enough. Wondering if there’s a flat cutoff or if it’s graded on a curve.

Overall I thought it was harder than the offical prep material, especially because of the wording of some AM questions. AM was defo harder than PM. Like most people I had a lot of time to review PM answers.

I think 55-65 on AM and 65-75 on the PM are conservative estimates of my performance.

I also thought that it was more difficult than the prep; however, I thought the PM was actually a bit more difficult than the AM. AM I know I tripped up on one or two 8-point questions but hopefully got partial credit. Really hoping and praying that I passed. Frixion pen worked very well I thought, except for when I tore a hole in one page…oops! Have to finish CFA then possible start chipping away at FRM. The fun never stops!

this jackass next to me was using a pencil and kept erasing his answers. Why do people continue to use pencils in the AM and on top of that use erasers?

As soon as I saw the first question I said NOPE…and went with the low lieing fruit with the last question. AM was definitely more difficult but I found it was due to the amount of writing that was required. I think some of the questions required more than just one or two bullet points for full marks but that is just my opinion.

i thought AM section was maybe similar to prior past couple years. but i thought PM was harder than the mocks, or at least the structure of the questions.

i mighta got a higher mark on AM, but 65% at least on each and this is done.

AM difficulty was similar to that of previous years. I was also confused with the wording on some questions, but that’s par for the course. First question took me longer than the suggested time, but I think I figured it out. Pacing was hectic, but pacing’s always hectic for AM.

The PM was way easier than I expected. The vignettes and questions were far more concise, straightforward and less complex than I expected. I often felt like I was missing some trick to the question.

AM was difficult… i missed one sub question as i ran out of time… really disappointed with that… PM was ok… I think it had few trick questions…

from my understanding 70% of the top percentile which works out to low 60s

Ain’t nobody got time to erase. I use pen, and I’m constantly crossing things out. Hope the markers enjoy that :slight_smile:

You guys are nuts if you thought PM was easy. The second half of the pm was the hardest string of questions I’ve came across. I’ve never seen so much subjectivity. There were definitely some gimme questions but there were also so many questions that looked real easy on the surface but were really much more difficult if you knew the topic in depth. I think people will be shocked with how poorly they did come August. I actually thought AM was really straightforward and hopefully that will save me. I hope you all did well.

Somewhere in the middle were definitely maybe 3-4 difficult question sets. I’m sure I spent well over 18 minutes (maybe 25 min) on a few sets. I think I got the correct answers though. Some questions were definitely vaguely worded. The first 3 and last 2-3 question sets were relatively easy.

Meet me, left 3 complete last questions in AM because I was too stubborn with question 1. I was already underprepared for the exam and couldnt do even a single mock, but I kept telling myself “look, because you havent done any mock, dont run out of time in AM, write wrong or BS but dont leave anything unanswered”, and I DID the exact mistake. Spent too much time on Q1 and when I realized that, it was too late. I am very upset and still burning. PM was just ok and I cant judge whether I bombed or nailed it. I can only pray for a Pass if something miraclous happen in PM.

Making me nervous. I ended AM with 5 minutes to spare and I found it straightforward. Found many items resembling prior years and I would just emulate the prior years’ guideline answers. Some calculations consumed some time though. Speaking with ppl after am, many had not finished. PM I ended 20 minutes early. I’m nervous because I remember that distinctive “that’s it?” feeling when I finished PM. Either I was optimally prepared, either I did not pick up on many nuances.

paranoia engaged – now I’ll be wondering about all of the trick questions… i definitely can see how some of the questions could be viewed as subjective though… and would be really interested in seeing the correct answers (alas I know we never will.)

This notion about missing the trick when one feels sopmething was easy; was profoudly spoken about last year (i am a retaker). I started feeling conscious too that what did i miss and turned out nothing. I had 70% + on 8 case studies, between 50-70 in one (and i knew that 10 mins after the exam when i checked one of the formulas) and last one was gips (i never read a page of it).

This time i felt PM was relatively harder, i would say much harder. Part of the reason being leftover topics (without naming) were in PM this time and they ended up in AM last time (so PM was very mainsteam).

So whoever thinks PM was okay, its likely you prepared well and did well…(not necessarily missed the trick)

I did notice a lot of repeating themes across prior year exams and this exam. Many questions could be solved quickly just because I’ve done very similar questions on practice exams.

I found AM to always be challenging, time-wise, on practice exams and the real exam. I learned to satisfice a lot.