So...What did you learn?

There has been many threads about the CFA program and what it leads to. People are normally asking if they are gonna get a new job, increased salary, promotion etc. after passing any Level or earning the Charter. Even though the replies differ, it seems quite obvious that it is not that easy that you will just get something extra for just being a candidate or a charterholder.

And if you dont get that new job, or that promotion you were looking for. Does that mean that your studying and hard work wasn’t worth it?

It would be interesting to get a discussion about stuff like:

What did you learn? In what way Is it useful? Is it gonna help you in the future?

For me, I think I have imrpoved my understanding of many topics, and in many ways it’s been easier to see through simplistic reasoning when people argue about investment ideas or topics. Like “oh, the world needs oil for ever, I’m going long oil”. That’s an exaggaration, but you know what I mean.

Knowledge is like a commodity. And iIf you are knowledagble, people will realize and your chances to get a position that you want in the future is greater than before the program. So even if you dont get a new job directly when you get 3 letters on your business card, the stuff you have learnt might lead you somewhere indirectly, even if you dont realize it at the time.

What do you think?

I learnt how far I could push myself to get a result