so, what do I do?

my current status: awaiting L2 result If anyone have you have read Eat, pray and love, I seriously feel like implementing that story. But Im holding back myself till I finish L3, I guess. So the story goes. Ever since I started CFA in january 2009, I havent taken any proper vacation. I feel totally burned out now. I don’t feel as sharp as before, not even close. Also, not even slightly motivated to improve any of my work-related skill or even perform a decent job in my everyday task. Creative writing as a hobby is something that let me survive through major stresses but my mind is not even working in that direction now. I don’t have means of taking a huge vacation as of now (im thinking of saving that for passing CFA L3). So, what do I do really? I have eaten up all my vacation days to study for CFA. I can take unpaid leave but taking a break and staying in the same city doesn’t sound an appealing idea. Plus, im little worried that it might give bad impression to boss that im just endlessly asking for holidays. One of my colleague suggested Yoga classes as it really builds stamina. But I feel I really need a break! One of my doctor-friend told me based on her casual observation that it seems I have developed Chronic Fatigue syndrome and advised me to take a break and totally enjoy myself. I wish life was that simple!

gosh my dumb mistakes! *If anyone of you have read

Find someone to hang out with. You don’t need to take a vacation to have fun. I assume you live in a big city (NYC/Chicago/etc). There must be a lot that you haven’t explored there yet. Ask someone if they want to go an adventure with you.

A 4-day weekend can be a nice substitute. Not quite as good as a true vacation, but it doesn’t cost as much in work days lost. If you’re on the East Coast of the US, go to Montreal.

How about online dating?

yoga class twice a week is very good idea. It definitely makes a difference. I was under lot of stress lately and joined yoga class right after CFA exam. Now, I’m so calm and feel good about myself.

bchadwick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > go to Montreal. agreed

Get a massage or go to a spa; you will feel refreshed afterwards.

Sumz are you a guy or a girl?

+1 to BChad’s suggestion of long weekends. It’s generally way more palatable to ask your boss for a Friday or Monday off than it is to try to get a week out of office approved. Generally, when i’m starting to get burned out, it’s one of a few things: -I’m not getting enough exercise -I’m not getting enough sleep -I’m not getting enough sunlight (used to think this was BS, now really respect it) -My days have gotten too routine (work, gym, study, sleep) Generally if I go down this list, I can pinpoint what it is I’m missing. Try doing the same and make an effort to fix it one way or another.

Yeah, I moved to India, so I know all about that eat prey love stuff. This will be a massively unpopular thing for me to say in this crowd, but for me, I do not believe that I should work harder than I play. I’ve designed my entire life around that.

Sounds liike you’re burning out and your energy level is down. Highly recommend you take a three-day weekend to do something exciting, but if money is a concern, the more immediate option is to eat more healthily and also exercise. Also could be fun to meet some activity partners through sports, toastmasters, social dance or whatever people like to do. For me, I’m working about 55-60 hours a week and that is pretty much my ideal work-life balance. When I’m at the office, I’m pretty engaged mentally (the only breaks I take are to check out AnalystForum and see what people are saying about online dating these days). But, I love being out of the office by 7PM so I have time to exercise, see friends after work, occasionally “you know” and other things. Everyone’s definition of work-life balance is different, but it’s important to achieve your moment of zen somehow.

Thanks for the replies. Im not located in US, I live in a boring place in the Middle east. I was thinking about a 4-day weekend but im doubting it will make much of a difference. Post-Cfa exam I took 5 days off. Clearly, it didnt make any difference. Does emotional exhaustion count? I am suffering from some irresolvable emotional problems on and off for the past decade. Overworking and overachieving without much break is one way I tried to cope with it. But by now Im really worn out mentally, emotionally and physically. smuggycfa: Yoga sounds like a good idea. It is definitely worth a try. Thanks for the encouragement. stocks & Blondes: true!! A visit to spa is so overdue now! Black swan: Im a female. supersadface: great idea. Unfortunately, im suffering from all the points, it seems. chickentikka: You’re the man! It really doesn’t worth overworking oneself when one can’t take care of their health and enjoy their possessions. A lesson hard learned by me. numi: Thanks for the ideas. But I can’t get myself motivated for much activity as of now. Definitely I need to start eating healthy again and exercising lightly to start off. Still debating about the unpaid leave for 1-2 weeks.

OR get a new haircut. and change your hair color. Always cheers me up

It’s hard for you to get yourself motivated because you’ve been in a long stretch of dormancy…perfect reason to get off your bum and get some exercise in if possible. Exercise is especially useful if you have other stuff on your mind like emotional stress or whatever.

How about sleeping around a bit and a weekend of madness? Your memories of the past weekend will keep you amused and the anticipation of the next weekend will keep you motivated. You never know, you might even find your next job opp and a better boss.

Yep SUMZ, I don’t think you need a vacation. Sounds like you need to start doing some drastic changes in your personal life. Start socializing with a new group of friends, go out more often, do things outside your comfort zone you would typically not consider. Start doing some exercise. And undertake a new and exciting hobby you’ve been putting off. Maybe it’s a new sport, maybe it’s completely repainting / redecorating your apartment. Who knows, just start introducing change in your life.

Yoga is fantastic for mind and body. Hopefully you can find an instructor who ends each session with a 20min meditation. You can also do this daily at home with a DVD – there are many to choose from. If you do this for ~40 days it becomes a habit that’s harder to break. Agreed a vacation isn’t the answer. Check with a physician about chronic fatigue: if that’s the underlying cause, you don’t want to self-treat for that.

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sumz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Thanks for the replies. Im not located in US, I > live in a boring place in the Middle east. > > > Black swan: Im a female. > > > Still debating about the unpaid leave for 1-2 > weeks. Aren’t there any bars/clubs in your city? I’m not sure about the Middle East, but here in NYC, as soon as a female sets foot inside a bar, guys would start hovering around her like vultures. Maybe you should spend you 1-week vacation in NYC just to check out the bars and clubs! Kidding aside, after googling chronic fatigue symdrone, some treatment ideas seem to be: - A healthy diet - Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and graded exercise therapy (GET) for certain patients - Sleep management techniques - Antidepressant drugs in some cases It’s best to ask your doctor-friend for medical suggestions.