So whats your job

Probably been asked here a hundred times before, but for all the newbies, might as well. So what is your job? Who do you work for (if you want to say)? How long have you been in it? WHat do you exactly do? Are you looking at changing, if so to what? Me, I work as a transfer pricing consultant for a big four in denmark. Been doing it for about 3 weeks now only. Used to work in a very back officey job at goldmans in Australia, didnt enjoy it.

PM @ single family office in US. Been here for 2 months now, not looking to change, its good times.

i’m independently wealthy and spend the bulk of my time paying video games

i’m a ninja.

somalian pirate here.

does CFA help in getting a pirate job?

I am JCVD backup stuntman

im the worlds tallest midget

maddane Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > does CFA help in getting a pirate job? we have our own designation - Chartered Waters Pirate

Does the Indian Chartered Waters Pirate Institute allow you to operate in the Indian ocean?

only if you’re Indian by birth or assumption

you guys are all hilarious, now any serious posters?

I work in corporate banking covering the health care sector. I underwrite new deals and monitor existing credits. I’ve been doing it for almost two years and am not looking to change right now.

Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m o.k., I work all night and I slee all day…

I work with needhelp. I help draft ransom notes for dissemination to the public

I dig ditches (I will be if a job does not come up soon!).

ditchdigger, come join our Somalian pirate company. Hours are good, pay is good, and I think CFA Institute recognizes the work experience

Excuse me, Where are your applications to be a Somali Pirate? I think I can bring some good skills to the table, I also have a parrot.

Pirate Must enjoy extended durations of time on the ocean. Duties will include fishing, drinking rum, and sun tanning while pursuing the monthly target. (Keep it going)

Equity Research Forest & Wood Products & Healthcare/Biotech More than a year Not looking to change right now