So...when are you calling it a night?

anyone else planning on reviewing for awhile? i’m still reviewing FSA before i review ethics. and then my formulas… pepp, daj, how are you guys doing?

i need to do the formulas tonight. i will review ethics/corporate governance/some other new curriculum stuff that should be a definite question tomorrow morning…

what time are you planning waking up? or are you planning on getting to the test center early?

i’ll probably get there early and sit in the parking lot and study. my car relaxes me for some reason. i’ll be up at 6ish i guess

I’m still going, finishing up Fixed income, moving onto Derivatives and Alt Investments then FSA.

Can’t sleep so decided to stay up and study. Might take 1 hour power nap from 5 to 6am

that’s what i’m thinking too.

Last week.

london’s gonna take their exam in several hours. so before the forum locks down, good luck guys! thanks for all your help…

Im not tired at all and I had planned on being up in 5 hours…this is great

just got back from walgreens and bought a cheap digital watch so i can keep track of time… anyone still here? *crickets…crickets*


going to study till 12 tonight… I am in PST zone…

i think we’re both central…looks like we went to far…not that it will matter…and i don’t say that in the annoying way that everyone thinks they’re going to fail…i really mean it.

well, i tried. and i still don’t get FSA. i read through giddy’s FSA thread, and half of it went over my head. i’m still going to stay up to get my formulas though.

for some reason… I’m still here…

Calling it a night now. Good luck, its beyond the point of marginal return. I hope you gusy get some sleep, it might be better than spending the time studying now… Good luck.

Good luck guys and let us know how you go. I’m sure everyone will do well!

I would sleep if i could…

i can’t sleep… i tried going to sleep 45 minutes ago…