So when do you expect to start studying L3?

I nearly threw up just typing that question.


Sweet merciful lord why would you ever ask this? I want to throw up on your throw up.


when i pass level 2 in 2018 cough cough

I plan to study for L3 after I pass L2 in July.

I think you guys will do fine and will pass as well. Stay true to yourself!


Probably around November. I am a December L1 to June L2 taker. have been constantly studying for the past 14 months. Need that break.

This is bad karma


We’re just trying to be positive. You never go in an interview saying that you think you wont get it would you?

We shall all pass L2 and “briefly” starting studying for L3 in August then leave it till April, just to hate ourselves for procrastinating…!

I have 3 weeks of annual mandatory military service in early November, which is really boring here in Switzerland. So I hope I’ll have some time to start reading the curriculum during that. But first, fingers crossed it works out on Sat :smiley:


Has anyone else started to casually look at what is included in the L3 curriculum and started to mentally prepare for the essay questions that await us - hopefully - next summer?

I think much of the curriculum looks quite interesting actually, especially the behavioral stuff. Will probably stop thinking that at some point…

October 1st, 2015! Never look back.

I have spent 150 hours for 2nd lvl. So thinking that it won’t be enough for passing the 3rd lvl and planning to start at september/november.

2016, earliest…

The irony is strong here.

Now that I can consider this question again without sensing an urge to vomit, I would say it would be as soon as I got the (obviously positive) result. The 20-25 hour/wk pace I subjected myself to for L2 was too much for my already loaded schedule. I’d readily trade off an earlier start for a better work/life/study balance.

well… November or december max.