So where are those people who called the bottom?

Time to call a new one…

NOW its the bottom. im putting my house on it

There are people now calling bottom at the high 6000’s in the dow.

i want to show them my bottom

We are now closer to the bottom.


Ptrainer, why are you so negative and focused on this recession or depression so much?

Not negative, just honest… We should be analyzing stocks on fundamentals… not by technical aspects (it went down 20% so it’s a buy) Go to Macys. Something $100 is selling for 40% off = $60. Everyone like…wow time to buy But if it’s a $30 item, is it really a deal?

Are you a candidate or charterholder by any chance? I never see you post anything but press releases and bad news.

There is a slight different between negativism and being objective, unbiased says a guy on a blog today, don’t remember who. I’ve always found it intersting when people try to understand the current events by looking at the technicals, calling bottoms ceilings, floors, creating fake gods. Some people make money out of it, i respect. Go out, smell the air watch people shopping, talk to friends, see the truth because your hedge just doesn’t work Now like the Macy’s deal, people got upset when the index broke so called bottom, why!!! every bit of data is much worse than expected…the bottom was the only thing they(=longs) had in hand, now they face the truth; delevaraging, unemployment, contraction, citi, a clueless govt. Next shoe to drop is Citi…

I am CFA L III candidate

^^^and have way too much time on your hands posting on this site constantly.