So where do I stand progress wise. Some insight and advice needed from Experienced Candidates.

Hi so a bit of progress update. I have covered so far:

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Ethics

  • Economics

  • FRA

  • Corporate Finance

  • Equity Investments

Topics left:

  • Fixed Income

  • Alternative Investments

  • Derivatives

  • Portfolio management

Plans for October:

  • Cover all the topics left by putting around 6 hours a day (I am a post-grad student so have the time)

Plans for November:

  • Spend a good 12 days going through all the material again (Possibly less as I am gonna put more than 8 hours a day in November)

  • Drill throught the Secret Sauce

  • Do all possible past exam papers

  • Go through all previously made mistakes and redo the questions (both from CFAI EOC and Schweser concept checkers)

  • memorize the schweser quick sheet by heart

  • If any time left then secret sauce/Qbank till exam day

Realistic? Considering that I am willing to put around 168 hours in October and around 232 hours in November?

You’ve already covered the biggest 4 weighted topics (ethics, quant, econ and FRA). Seems to me you’re in a very good shape. Your plan is very similar to mine and I think it’s doable.

I’ve set October aside to finish up the last bit of readings, and November for reviewing/memorizing formulas/do mock exams/tons of practice questions.

I am not planning on spending any days to reread Schweser though. Instead I am planning on reading Secret Sauce, doing all CFAI end of chapter questions and any BB.

Good luck with your studies!