So who passed with the Dallas/Windsor class?

  1. Did it make a difference? 2. What did you think of the review?

I may make a visit to Windsor next yr…why not??

I much rather Dallas but Pro: A- my company only covers hotel/food if it’s included. Windsor is B- It’s in early May not 3 weeks before when it’s too late. C -I heard it’s a fun town. D - It’s 50 hrs INCLUDING a mock exam. Con: A - It’s cold B- - Lots of people

Failed again after attending Windsor. I don’t think it was worth it given the time and expense. One of instructors made us rewrite many of the slides, which was distracting. The program goes over the LOS’s, but highlights the LOS’s that the instructors thinks are ‘high value’ vs ‘low value’. The problem is that the instructor doesn’t know what CFAI might ask anymore than the person sitting next to you does. So called ‘low value’ may very well be asked. Anything is fair game.

OC4cfa, did you attend windsor more than once? since you failed 4 times, I assume you thought windsor would put you over the edge?

PtrainerNY, Only attended Windsor once in 2008. I thought it might give me the extra 5-10 points that I would need. I also used the 16 week on-line class which is a review and not a true exam prep tool, IMO.

So in the 4 years, did u try Stalla?

Anyone else try Dallas/Windsor this year?

Did Windsor. It is fun, and the Canadian beer is certainly better, but it is strictly a review class. Also, on this years exam (full disclosure, I failed) two things that were on the AM exam were EXPLICITLY mentioned as “for explanation only - this will NOT be on the exam” by Filbeck. I called my buddy in Memphis to confirm. Frankly, don’t know if I will return.


I did Dallas for Level I and Level II. Passed both. Thought it was VERY good. Instructors know exactly what you need to know. It is only 36 hours but you can study at night. The food and beverages are unlimited. You get hot lunches and ice cream for afternoon desert. I am MOST definitely going for Level III this year.

I attended Windsor this year and passed, after not passing last year. Windsor was good for 1) coverage and 2) organizing strategy, in my opinion. From a coverage perspective, I liked to hear the differences between the schweser expectations of more important material versus my own, and to see EVERYTHING, including the material that I thought was too easy to review. I am sure that I picked up a couple points here and there due to the total review. From the stategy perspective, I felt they did do a good job of walking thru the essay problems, in particular. My scores in the AM from last year to this year were the greatest source of improvement. That all said, and this was alluded to before, it is a review course. I feel one is best served as using Windsor as the kick off to full review, with perhaps a practice test or two under your belt (so you can know what to pay particular attention to). I would also add that the complete focus on CFA for the week was a huge plus for me. With a wife and young kid, it is hard to fully commit to the CFA at home a lot of the time. With 50ish hours of class time, and squeezing in some review before/after class, it was a good place to get a lot done. Best of luck to everyone next year, and hang in there, I know how it feels!

9 days in may of complete cfa focus (7 days + weekend) + another 7 in june (5 days off + weekend) + 3 day memorial weekend Is 19 days x 8 = a good 150 hrs… Going to hope this makes the difference

I have friend who strongly recommend me to take this, she said the first two PM AM sessions were very similar to the ones in the exam. well, I cannot, since next year, I am not even in North American continent.

flyflyyan, Which class, Dallas or Windsor?