So, who's going with which provider (if any)

So, I know there were Stalla vs. Schwesser discussions a while ago, but now that we’re down to the time to start paying for things, I’m wondering what people are doing. I did Stalla for 1 and 2 and it was very helpful, but I’ve read that Stalla is not so great for Level 3, but I’m not sure why (other than that Peter Olinto isn’t doing any lectures, and Bob Stalla does some on the videos). I thought maybe of switching to Schwesser, b/c the notes might be more condensed and the CFA materials are pretty good on their own, but I might be moving around a lot, and the Stalla videos that come with the live course are attractive, and the fact that you can always show up at any lecture in any city where they are doing one (not sure if Schwesser does that - if I sign up for NYSSA/L3/Schwesser, I get three free accesses to Schwesser videos in case I can’t attend class - that sounds much more restrictive) So, I’m wondering what other people are doing and how they like it so far.

I’m using Schweser as my main source and using the CFAI materials for those sections that I feel week on. Will definately do ALL the questions from the CFAI books.

Schweser here. Biased, only used them, I wouldn’t feel bad using Stalla from what I hear, but overall had good experience with them and with the CFAI readings intended to be under my belt by the time I get the notes I don’t feel too bad about using them.