Soc Gen = Risk magazine's Risk Manager of 2007

If I wouldn’t get sued…

Priceless !!! and it’s dated Jan 2008!

He is in great company: Greatest Trading Losses Name Amount Lost Citizenship Employer Source of Loss Year Kerviel, JérômeJérôme Kerviel[1] US$7.1 billion France Société Générale European Index futures 2008 Hunter, BrianBrian Hunter[2] US$6.5 billion Canada Amaranth Advisors Gas futures 2006 Paretti, GiancarloGiancarlo Paretti[3] US$5.0 billion Italy Crédit Lyonnais Loans to Hollywood Studios 1990 Meriwether, JohnJohn Meriwether[4] US$4.6 billion United States Long Term Capital Management Interest Rate and Equity Derivatives 1998 Hamanaka, YasuoYasuo Hamanaka US$2.6 billion Japan Sumitomo Corporation Copper futures 1996 Flöttl, WolfgangWolfgang Flöttl, Helmut Elsner US$2.5 billion Austria BAWAG Currency- and interest swaps 2006 Citron, RobertRobert Citron US$1.7 billion United States Orange County Interest Rate Derivatives 1994 Schimmelbusch, HeinzHeinz Schimmelbusch US$1.6 billion Germany Metallgesellschaft Oil Futures 1993 Leeson, NickNick Leeson US$1.4 billion United Kingdom Barings Bank Nikkei Futures 1995

heh, i can see the building that brian hunter (amaranth) worked in from my office.

In Calgary? I miss my city. There are rumors that that we are looking to get Sundin… wonder what we would have to give up for him

heh, i’m originaly from edmonton :wink: go oil!