social life

i just had a friend (sort of wondering how much of a friend she is at the moment) call me lame because i wouldn’t go out tonight because i said i am studying. …and im pissed about it.

is she hot?

Must be one of those Marketing type girls

ha - communications i believe.

Erik you got nothing to be pissed about…those ppl are losers with a very small prob. of a successful future

yep, just gotta follow your goals and take a wait and see mentality with peeps that don’t support you like a good friend should.

It is in the times like these you filter out the good ones from the bad. BE graceous that atleasy god is giving you the those momoents to pick and choose the right friends. You believe me or not, I have lost so many of my good friends in New York, just because I don’t fool around with them on the friday nights and the saturday’s to follow. The EXAM is too demanding. The CFAI should rub off the 250 hour fake estimation and get in the real estimates from current chaterholders and it will be like 400 to 600 hour range.

Totally agree and empithize with everything you just said Dinesh, believe me I know.

yeah its times like these Im glad in live in Southern Indiana and not in NYC or Chicago where the nightlife is sooo tempting… However, Any other time I wish I lived elsewhere! haha.

Go easy on the girl. Sounds like she just said the first thing on her mind as a rebuttal to rejection. I put money on she’s got a crush on the OP, or she needed him for a ride.

I live in the middle of a nightclub district, and I’ve only been out twice since February, limit 4 drinks. i agree with gz2nyc, it’s about her need for some company, not about you having to study

social what? can’t remember having one ;-). Must be some time in 2006 before I started this program.

i have a feeling its just pissyness that i won’t go out… she knows me well, one drink leads to 10. i know myself too well. back to studying!

you can always blame PMS you know…

I have a great social life. Just spent 2.5 hours grocery shopping. Time to study …