soft dollars - wording confusions

just want to make it clear… in the general, required section, it states “Don’t allocate client brokerage based on client referral from brokers.” I dont quite understand it. Does that mean, say, if i am an investment manager and I have client A that produce 80% of soft dollars for my portfolio, but I should not give client A 80% benefit of the soft dollars (e.g. 80% of the research)? but that contradict the rule that soft dollars is the proprety of the client. Any insights to this is apperciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

My interpretation: if a broker refers a client to you, don’t automatically assign that client to the broker. Look for the best execution.

same question, any one ?

no Quid pro Quo arrangements allowed. Just because the broker suggested a client to you, you shouldn’t give him more existing or new trade to reward him