Soft skills

reading 28, EOC question 13

One week after this meeting, the bank sends a client satisfaction survey to Njau. In response to questions about Açor’s soft skills and technical skills, Njau responds with the following comments:

  1. Comment 1 Açor constructed a portfolio that is appropriate for my unique situation.

  2. Comment 2 Açor spoke to me in my own regional language throughout the meeting.

  3. Comment 3 Açor educated me about how my investments perform and affect my portfolio.

Which comment in Njau’s response to the client satisfaction survey best describes a soft skill exhibited by Açor?

  1. Comment 1
  2. Comment 2
  3. Comment 3

C is correct. Açor’s ability to effectively educate Njau by showing Njau how her investments perform and affect her portfolio is a soft skill. Soft skills involve interpersonal relationships and include communication skills, social skills, education and coaching skills, and business development and sales skills.

(Institute 237)

Institute, CFA. 2020 CFA Program Curriculum Level III Volume 5 . CFA Institute, 08/2019. VitalBook file.

The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.

I think in real life B is probably a better answer.

In the 2020 Level III CFA curriculum, volume 5, reading 28, §3.4.1, p. 188, language fluency is categorized as a technical skill, not a soft skill.

Nobody cares what you think: real life doesn’t matter on this exam. :wink: