Soft $ Standards are a bitch

anyone else super confused by example about XYZ firm starting on page 200?

Know soft dollar standards for the exam. Read the CFAI books

Looked over it once. In addition to the material covered at L1, I think this will make up a large part of the Ethics exam material. Good luck

yea its rough

What’s rough about it?

i am reading from CFAI. First of all, I come from a country where these things dont exist, not making an excuse but for the 20 I-banks we have, we dont have a single research firm, and our brokerage houses are 7-ll style, call buy hangup. so the definition in itself is giving me the heebe jeebies. also with regards to the different definitions and weaving them together in a big example, tough!

Do not mean to hijack the discussion but am just a little curious - what is 7-ll style?

7-11 style as in it literally looks like a 7-ll, and the broker thats selling buying has a highschool degree or less and his financial knowledge is that off a cashier clerk. so when i read in the CFA text that a broker can provide research, it makes no sense. WOuld u expect to get a rearch report at mcdonalds with ur side of fries?