Software development

Hoping someone can help here, I got an idea for a new bit of software. Should be pretty basic to make. More of a web based software though is what I would prefer. I just need someone to put it all together, as I have no idea how to do this. Ideally I would like to make it myself though. I have all the stuff in excel for how I work it, but want to make it into an online useable program now. Any ideas anyone. PS my budget is minimla. Maybe 100 bucks or so max I want to spend on this.

Well… $100… good luck. On the serious side, and if it really is a good idea and your budget really is that tight, maybe you can find some student who is in need of a good programming project for some class and can develop it for you as part of his/her curriculum. The student’s interest will then mainly lie in proving his/her programming skills to some professor so as to get good grades. Seriously, though. $100? You have to be joking.

For a really GOOD web-app programmer, $100 will get you MAYBE 45 minutes of work. Sounds like your only option is to find someone willing to get paid in equity. It sucks, but that’s life. On the other hand, I can tell you from personal experience that programmers do much better work when they have some skin in the game.

You could try to cut the student in on cash flows from selling the program. You’d have to add value through marketing and selling your product part, or accept a lower share of the equity and cash flows. Or you can try to convince someone else (your folks?) to float you money for your idea. Or get someone to lend you money (your folks? credit card?) for more. The more you can pay the programmer up front, the more you can keep of the result. If you just have a programming idea for your use, and you’re not planning to try to market it, then the idea of getting a student to write it for you is a good one.

Many good programmers find really hard to estimate the business value of their work. It turns out I was in a similar situation: a very good idea, but I couldn’t find time to implement it in a web environment on my own, and was reluctant to pay for it, so I contacted a prospective employee who really wanted to work with me, and gave the entire programming assignment as a “recruiting test” downplaying the importance of it. He did it for free, and gave me the entire source code, documentation, testing, and anything else; I said “thank you, I’ll call you back to see how your application is doing”. The application worked fine, but we didn’t hire him. It turns out that this application yields an extra 70K-80K/year. I know it’s not fair, but I’m a crook anyway, right?

^^ as he was not an employee at the time, that program is still technically his. if taken to court, he’d probably be able to take every dollar you’ve made off of it, unless you lie and say you’ve never seen him before and the judge somehow doesn’t find out…

Tell me your what your idea is and if it interests me I will develop it for free let you may use it without any costs for the rest of your life. Better deal than the $100, right?

Well I have more then $100 to spend. I mean I have a full time job and make a decent wage. But Im a tight ass plain and simple. And know the risks that it is likely to become nothing. What sort of budget should I be looking at? Basically one part of it would be a simple cashflow model, that the client just enters in a few figures, and the other will draw informaiton from a particular database and spit it all out and then analyse all this data. Quite a basic program I think…

That’s simple, I could program that in an instant… It’s called PHP + MySQL.

Not simple for me. Im a numbers geek, not a ocmputer geek

I charge $200 per hour. Let me know if you are interested

Ill give you 75 bucks to do the lot. take it or leave it

Outsource it via ebay for programmers. Glad I don’t work as a programmer, talk about low barriers to entry…

soppi, you might think this is simple but there is a lot involved in creating an application. And I guaranteet that you will get excited about it and want a lot more. If this is something you really want to pursue, then you should not have your first step be taking advantage of someone else. Agree on a fair price. Karma, you know?

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My side business is in the middle of hiring programmers now for a website development, and it will probably cost us $15000 minimum and that’s the cheapest we could find.

$15,000? That’s insane. You can import the excel database into MySQL, and program a couple text boxes and a submit button… If it’s a simple calculation and the website is no frills white-background / no images, than it would only be a few hours work…

decent websites cost alot.

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