Software used in hedgefunds

Thought this question has not been asked before. HFs for their nimble and quantitative approach need lots of packaged and custom software to run their shops. Wondering if we could compile a list of software packages/applications that you have found to be useful. Only post, if you have first hand experience of the product (not those that you have heard of, but never used), in the following categories … 1) Order Management and Execution 2) Trading (efficient, low cost, multi-exchange) 3) Risk Management 4) Econometrics (Monte Carlo, Regression etc) 5) Performance Measurement/Attribution/Analysis/Reporting 6) CRM (to track clients, report generation, reminders, contacts etc)

dart board and a good set of sharpened darts.

quants aren’t exactly the most popular things going right now…

Looking for cool words to put on your resume? I’d try something else. I see a resume with too many software titles on it and I get suspicious.

what’s the point here? If you need this stuff at a hedge fund there is no shortage of vendors who will come show you stuff. Go to any MAR conference and walk around the booths.

Isn’t this kind of information available at sites like ???

Even better, ask them for the strategies they use, preferrably well documented.

My Advent consultant said they service many HFs with their products, APX, Moxy

whatever your clearinghouse gives you for free…

I think I know someone who used to get serviced by your Advent consultant.