Solutions to school shooting? Arming Teachers

laws have been enacted in South Dakota, Alabama, Arizona, and Kansas. Texas, which already allows staff to carry firearms with school approval, passed two new laws creating a “school marshal” program and addressing training teachers. South Dakota’s new law requires law enforcement-approved training for every appointed school sentinel.

In Ohio, Buckeye Firearms Association, a gun rights PAC, has launched a program to educate teachers on how to take down a gunman

more than 1,400 school staff members applied for the 24 spots first offered in late December, he said

The best that may happen is if there was a madman going room to room. Teachers will first attempt to barricade themselves and students in the room, and then find a nice spot so when the dude burst’s through you got your shot at him.

^ only hacksaw schools have shootings. Remember that shooting at HBS? I don’t either.

Those Boston guys wanted to bomb MIT - only they were stopped after robbing the 7-11. Although, if we are talking Top 3 here, maybe that doesn’t count.

^ They did shoot and kill a campus cop though.

MIT is a hacksaw university.

This is news to me. My wife is a teacher, her mother is a teacher, and I’ve gone out with several teachers before my wife. I have never heard of this. I’d be curious where the author got his information.

I don’t believe they robbed the 7-11. I think they happened upon a robbery in progress. Pretty bad luck, or karma.