Some advice

I know it’s still a month till the exam, but I thought I would post this now before I forget. My message is: regarding the AM exam, prepare to get completely smashed. Everybody, absolutely everybody walks out the AM exam going “WTF was that?”. If someone tells you they found the AM was easy, well they’re nothing but a liar. However, and this is the actual advice - the PM exam is easy, really easy. Out of all the multiple choice exams in Level I and II, the Level III PM exam is the easiest. Partly because you’ve studied so hard for the AM exam, but also because it just has to be or the MPS would be 40% or something. So, when you walk out of the AM exam feeling brutalized, don’t give up and go home, because PM will be so much easier and if you destroy it, you can still pass (even after a crappy AM session).