Some concerns about the quality of Schweser QBank Questions

I’m getting the feeling that the qbank questions are far too easy in relation to how difficult the actual exam is. Any opinions on this? Reason why I say this is… around a month ago I did a quick practice exam just to see how I’d do, and I got 67% when I only went thru 1.5 of the 6 books so far, and there were a fair # of questions that I had no idea of. Recently I took a few more and averaged around 75 (I’m done with 4.5 / 6 books now), and that’s with some dumb mistakes and rushing thru it (I took roughly 60 - 90 minutes for each 120 question session). I also had a LOT of “saves” from bad calculations, as in, I made a mistake in a calculation and the wrong answer I got wasn’t a choice. In fact, there were only a few times that I got a calculation question wrong when I didn’t just straight up guess. This leads me to believe the question quality is low, since a GOOD well written multiple choice exam will have well chosen bad choices that look attractive, esp when you use an incorrect method to calculate something. Now, my goal by the end of the week is to take 5 or 6 sample exams, and assuming the MPS is 70, have a safety first ratio >= 3.0 on my scores. I’m thinking though that I should be adjusting my qbank scores downwards to reflect the increased difficulty on the real exam.

Its generally accepted that the Qbank is easier then the actual exams. Many people choose to uncheck the “easy question” box to get a more realistic feel. Personally, I leave on the easy questions because the exam is going to throw some gimme questions, and I’d rather spend 10 seconds compared to 30. Just from taking stuff read on this site and my experiences, a Qbank score in the mid to low 80s will translate down to maybe a 75 on the Mock/sample/Schweser tests.

I’d say the qbank questions are generally easier than the real deal or sample exams from Schweser. I would really only use the qbank for questions to practice and solidify understandings of particular topics. I would not use it as a proxy of a real score.

In my experience Qbank was easier but seemed harder. My average for qbank is 81, but that’s not timed, and with used of materials for some questions. My practice half-exams scores are 74,76,84, but when i went through them the questions didn’t seem that bad.

when I used the qbank the only thing I used was an HP 12c (no scrap paper even) and was well under the 3hr limit. I guess I’ll uncheck the “easy” questions to get a more realistic feel for what score range I’ll get.