some ethic questions

I have some ethics questions: 1: some said CFA has the higher professional standard in finance field than other organizations in the world. Violate? 2: when in advertisement, said according to statistics, CFA holders have better performance than non-CFAs etc. Violate? 3: CFA heard something from friends/relatives and then did some research. Then issue the recommendation. Violate? Thank you so much…

all violate For 3 - Assuming the “some research” is very little research - nothing extensive…

First 2 = violate. 3rd = too vague to be answered as is. Is the info from friends material/non public? Did the analyst do thorough research?

I don’t think #2 would be a violation, assuming there was a study to back it up and the advertisement was referencing that specific study. It’s a violation for an individual to imply they’re better because they’re a charterholder, however.

For 3: if the analyst did thorough research, then the inspiration for that research doesn’t matter. That is the Mosaic Theory.

#1 - Not sure that this would violate as professional standards is something I would think could be verfied w/ facts #2 is deff a violation. I’ve seen that problem on tests before #3 - “some” research sounds like a small amount, so a violation

Only the #1 is ok, the other two are violation

only 2. 1&3 are fine. what’s the answer?

don’t know the answer… For #1 I saw that in last year exam…but I think the answer should be violate…