Some Ethics Insights

After spending so much time on this. I will keep anything interests 1. In Integrity of capital markets: Source of relative reliability also determines materiality eg: Insider is obviously material but assumption based on competitor is not material 2. More ambiguous on the price, it is less material 3. Select group of analysts is always a violation 4. A prohibition of all types of proprietary activity like market making is not appropriate. Should still be passive and only take contra side of unsolicited trades 5. If you are on a conference call and some one else listens to the call by barging in , both of them are in violation (if other person trades) 6. Exchange trying to demonstrate it has best liquidity and makes agreement with members for substantial volume, that is ok. 7. It is ok not to vote proxies if cost benefit analysis shows 8. Reporting a misconduct and warning the employee is not enough. Place limits and monitor employees Will keep adding