Some logistical Q's about the test

I have tried searching but am finding nothing… What/how is the ‘Band’ system broken down? How much time should be averageing perquestion?

I’m not 100% sure on these so feel free to correct me nuppal Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What/how is the ‘Band’ system broken down? Band system is used for people who have failed to give them an idea of how they did. Bands 1-10 is basically your percentile out of all people who failed. So if you are Band 10, you scored in the highest 10% of people who failed. etc > How much time should be averageing perquestion? I don’t believe in setting a strick time per question as long as you are not stuck for an unreasonable amount of time. But if you need a good idea, I’m sure CFA website has the allotted time allowed + number of questions, so it’s just a simple division of that

cfagoal2 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- so it’s just a > simple division of that I can’t do division, will I be successful on the CFA L1? /Sarcasm Thanks CFAGOAL2, this helps. I am 1 week away from being completely done with the CFA curriculm, do you think this puts me in a good spot for review?

Yea that is about where I am also, plenty of time

1.5 average per question, but it’s just an average. some questions i fly trhough, but some i can spend up to 3 minutes and with the qbank timer on the screen (it turns red after one minutes), i’m always stressed on those. I JUST WANT TO PASS!

I remember when I took the exam that I did a little math to figure roughly by what time I should finish each section and wrote it in the front so I could keep track to see if I was on pace to finish or had extra time, etc. It helped me decide if I had time to spare to work on some tough questions or if I should skip them and come back, etc.

I don’t think time is really a factor in the Level 1 exam. I was able to get through all the questions twice.

+1 I was shocked, maybe its the adrenaline but I got through my first pass in under an hour both times. left the room with an hour and a half to spare.