Some motivation may help..

Just a quick thread to share some personal opinions/comments: What if you just don’t want to be in finance by the time you finish three tough and long exams for CFA? Along with fewer and fewer jobs in finance, seeing everybody in the world is jumping in finance from all different backgrounds, I think i am losing my interest to be in finance after level II. Please tell me that its normals and its just not me. Thanks for your words. Anish

normal, don’t take CFA curriculum as indicative of what you’ll be doing in finance.

i think that was in my mind also. thanks.

I am losing motivation as well. What if the grass isn’t as green as I thought to be?

hmm i had (maybe i still do have) those thoughts lingering on my mind…good no one asks in the job interviews: "where do you see yourself after 10 years’ becoz i somehow dont see myself in IB after 10 years…or maybe its just too hard to predict next 10 years…5 years are easier…and lets me give a confident answer

ancientmtk and sumz, thanks for showing up. Did you guy(s)/gal(s) thought of any alternatives or you are just pushing it back to some dar corner and want to finish the CFA exams anyways even if you choose not to keep working in the some related field. It’s more of money and happiness issue now. I am sure no body has enough money and no body is happy enough… EDIT: “Money can’t buy happiness, Neither can poverty.” Anish

Finance is an interesting/dynamic business. It is still going to be there in 10 years, 20 years, whenever. It will always look bleak during downturns, and especially ones like this that are focused the banks. The opportunities that have been available in the past will not be as margins get squeezed. I think the program has a lot of intrinsic value anyway. I think it should enhance my career but I have enjoyed being in it and the knowledge I have gained regardless.

Thanks for your feedback Dwight. Definitely i enjoyed the time so far and the last level should be fun too. Hope so. Did you start studying?